New Year, New Me?

What can I say about 2017?  It has been one of the most hectic years of my life.  I’ve had some doozy (sticking with that word) years but this one comes close to topping the cake.  I put a lot of pressure on myself when planning things and I can be an emotional bundle of joy (sarcasm) and can sometimes take things personally.

While I will own that I’m not perfect and I try to remind myself after all the feels take over, that everything is an experience.  These are stories, that I will always have to tell.  Some I will look back and say ‘what was I thinking’, some I will say ‘while that was tough, I’m happy it happened’ and then there will be my favorites of ‘Thank God I did that!’.

This year has been a year of a lot of ups and downs, and while all that was happening my relationship with wine grew deeper and I now have a new-found love: Champagne.  My relationship with champagne this year has flourished and I’ve enjoyed every bottle I’ve popped.

I have gained some friends and I have lost some along the way.  I struggled this year in every aspect of my life.  In my personal relationships, my friendships, with my family and with work.  All year I felt like I was drowning and I couldn’t hide it, but I couldn’t fix it.  I had to fight the waves and while it took its tolls, I think I’ve made it through.  I’m just waiting for those aftershocks to pass through.

While 2017 was me weathering the storm, 2018 I plan on being the storm (in a positive way). I wanted to take the time to remind myself of all the experiences and fun times I did get to enjoy this year.

This time last year, I was ringing in the new year with 30 friends and family at an epic pajama party in my house.  It was just FUN.  How a new year should start off.


Against my best financial judgement, I traveled to Iceland.  It was an amazing experience and I am so happy I went as I knew I would never get that opportunity again.  It was only 4 days, but we packed them full of excitement.


My bridesmaids threw me an amazing bachelorette.  They knocked it out of the park and I was happy to have some college besties make it out as well.


I spent a couple of nights down at the beach with a bottle of champagne, watching the sunset.  It is something that we take for granted and don’t tend to appreciate.

My MOH threw me a surprise bridal shower.  I said I didn’t want one but she went out of her way to help plan a little one for me and it was very thoughtful.

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I got married! It almost killed me but I planned an epic wedding.

I brought my family together.  My siblings and I have not all been together in probably close to 5 years.  While it was short-lived, it happened and it meant a lot to me.


I spent some fun weekends away with some amazing people and enjoyed several concerts. Ed Sheeran, Dallas Smith, Halsey.

Even though it rained a lot this summer, I enjoyed my sports and those I played with!

The classic wine show.  I think it’s been a 5 year tradition now to go and it’s always my b-day weekend.  Never a bad time.

I got to sit back and enjoy other friends getting married.

I threw another epic New Years party to ring in the new year.

It will be a different year, full of different experiences. New friends and old. There are plenty more bottles to pop and happy memories to go with them.