Unconventional Thank you’s

So our wedding day has finally come and gone.  It was definitely the most stressful year of my life.  I have never been more up and down than I have been this past year and it was all consuming.  After all the planning, fun times and stressful ones as well we had a perfect day.  I could not have asked for it to have gone any more flawlessly.

So I’m a bit behind as my life hasn’t slowed down like I thought it would. I’m just getting around to my thank you’s now and I know they should have gone out a month ago.  As we are now entering Christmas time, I wanted to do something completely different.  Our amazing photographer’s were able to capture almost every single guest at our wedding and take some awesome photos of them.


So I’ve taken an afternoon to write out 50+ personalized Christmas cards.  In each card I am sending the photo’s that the photographers were able to capture of our guests.  I am also sending out a photo of us from our wedding as well.  I think it’s a nice touch that they will get to keep the photo’s of them, because who really wants photos of us? (Kidding)


So I also attempted to put my calligraphy skills back to work.  I haven’t done calligraphy since my wedding invites went out.  So because I already had a pretty intense hand cramp from the cards, my calligraphy was not good at all.  I also didn’t ensure my lines were straight because I really just needed to get them written.  So my attempts were there and hopefully people appreciate that still.


Lastly, I bought this cool stamp from the calligraphy store.  I attempted to use it when I sent the invites out but again, wasn’t successful.  I’ve made a second attempt at a wax seal and hope this adds the final personal touch we were looking for.

These were rushed as I knew I wouldn’t have time to continue to focus on these and the clock is ticking on Christmas.  Hope the efforts are still appreciated by those receiving them!


Small note to self and anyone else who is going through the efforts of personalizing Thank you cards to be sent out to all their guests, do everything in alphabetical order!  I definitely learned this lesson the hard way but not alphabetizing my envelopes, cards and then finding the corresponding photos.  I spent way more time on this than I probably needed to if I had done everything alphabetically.  I enjoyed the process and am happy to finally be done the last steps of my wedding.