Team Canada for the Win!

Over the next couple weeks the Pan Am games are happening in Toronto and GTA.  All I’ve been thinking about is how it’s such an inconvenience with the HOV lanes, crazy traffic and lack of parking options on city streets.   Now I know why the people are never happen when a big event happens in their hometown.  The people from that city are the ones who suffer and are disadvantaged during these times.  I’ve been thinking all these negative things about the Pan Am games and had no desire to attend any events.

Then I thought about it more… When am I going to have an opportunity like this again?  I don’t think I will and I would love to get out there and cheer on my country.  There’s an event happening 20 mins from my house, which also happens to be my favorite sport… BASEBALL!  So we bought some tickets which were super cheap and had an evening out cheering on Canada while they played our biggest rival USA.

The other thing I will say about the Pan Am games in that the advertising wasn’t very good.  I posted this picture on my Facebook and someone else from my area asked where this was happening.  They had no idea there were events out our way.  I think Toronto failed on promoting the events which has in turn caused ticket sales to be super low.  It’s unfortunate, but enough about the negatives!

Team Canada played amazing and was able to take home the win in extra innings!  I’m glad I took them time to go cheer them on!


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