Making the most of it

I just returned back from a week long vacation in PEI.  I went on a road trip with my sister and her two kids to PEI to visit her husbands family and saw some pretty exciting things.  I spent the week sleep deprived and zombie like due to my nephew suffering from severe allergies and sleeping in our bed, too many people in one house with one bathroom being stuck sleeping on an older mattress but my goal was to always make the best of it!

As pretty as PEI is, the weather was on the chilly side.  We brought our bikes down and my sister and I went for rides as often as possible.  We took all the kids to see the ocean one day and toured a light house.  That was pretty awesome as I’ve never been in a lighthouse before and always wanted to as my grandfather was a lighthouse keeper and my father grew up in one.

While we were in town I also got to see the Stanley Cup!  Brad Richards brought the cup to a small town near by and we took a trip down to see the Stanley cup parade! As quick as it was it was super exciting! We got there two hours early and waited around for the cup to quickly parade past us! While we waited there was a guy with a jet pack on his back in the water flying around, it was pretty cool to see and then he totally wiped out and flopped like a fish in a random fishing boat that was docked near by.  Finally I could hear the bag pipes play and I got all excited that the parade was coming! A fire truck rolled through, followed by the bag pipe band, and then a big fishing boat that was being towed! There is was… Shiny and tall with Brad Richards standing beside it waving to the crowds!  A couple thousand people came out to support him and see the cup and with lots of cheering, he lifts it above his head and the crowd goes wild! It was exciting and emotional and I’m so happy I got to see it!

Just like that, it was all over and time to pile back into the car and head back home for a long needed nap! Over the next couple of days we spent time with family and took the kids to the movies as the weather wasn’t cooperating and you can only spend so much time in doors with the same people.  Finally the trip was coming to and end and on our last night we were heading to the race track to see the horses race! The family had two of their horses racing that night, Luke’s Cowboy and Rosewood.  We let the kids each bet in a horse and I’m happy to say Luke’s Cowboy came second and Rosewood placed 3rd!

Forgot to mention my most favourite part… The liquor store! My sister and I go to the liquor store to stock up on wine for the week and what do I notice.. A CLEARANCE section! Amazing! I’ve never laughed so hard, for those who know me, know how much I love my red wine! We don’t have clearance sections in the LCBO and our sales are $1 off so the clearance section made my day!

Finally it was time for the dreaded 16hr car ride home.  We drove straight through on our way there but on the way home we decided to stop overnight in Quebec City.  I found this cool Loct for rent for the evening and it was a full two bedroom apartment with laundry,  kitchen and right in old Quebec! Wish we were staying there longer as it would have been more worth it.  We didn’t get to torn too much of Quebec either as it was rainy and by this point we just wanted to go home.  We still had another 8 hours in the car.

Finally I made it home safely on Friday evening to enjoy the long weekend with my well missed fiancé and kitties. Spent some time doing yard work around the house and catching up with friends and family.  It was a great first ever summer vacation and I’m glad I did it!