Fall Wreaths

My mom is the one who showed me the reigns of wreath making.  We did mother/daughter Christmas and spring wreaths and I decided it was time to create fall ones.  My first chore was to go out and collect pine cones.  Now, I live in a city so my options are limited… However, there just so happens to be a yard that randomly has 3 extremely tall pines trees in its miniature front yard on the next street over.  I’ve always wondered who would think to plant these trees in such a small yard and always found it an eye sore.  This past weekend however… I was thankful for them!

I figured.. Why not go help a neighbour out and clean up all the pine cones off their front yard for them!  Now I thought it be best to keep it anonymous so, I decided a midnight trip was best.  My friend and I set out around midnight with a plastic bag and collected all the pine cones we could see in the dark.  We came back with our haul, went to bed to be all rested up for our morning of crafting.

I had already purchased the wreath ring and some other small supplies to use from the amazing dollar store.

So we got to work gluing all the pine cones to our rings. I found this works best if you put the glue right on the pine cone and then press down on the ring where you want it.  We glued all the pine cones down to both rings, then I did my best attempt at making bows with the mesh ribbon I had purchased.

This was a little more difficult than I anticipated as I found it was too wide for my wreaths but I tried to make it work. I also wrapped the mesh around the wreath to try and add more character.   I ended up changing the below design a little bit as I found it too overpowering on the wreath.

Once my flowers we’re cut I glued them on in a random patern on one wreath, the realized I didn’t have enough of the same flowers it mimick the other.  I have since gone back to purchase more flowers and will be gluing them on once I have a moment, but until then… Here’s my finished product!

I think it’s too soon to hang them, I want to hold onto every last minute of this summer, but I can’t wait till they’re up on my front doors!


Nail Polish Box Upgrade

So I’ve been told I need to upgrade my nail polish box that I made when I was 12 or 13.  The original box was an old baby shoe box from when my little brother was a baby…. He’s now 19!

So I bought a photo box and decided to bring my nail polish box out of the 90’s and upgrade it to the new millennium :). I used whatever decor I had in my craft junk box, which I will also have to give an upgrade to as well one day!

I had some ribbon and stick on letters so I made the top look like a present box.  I glued the ribbons on with a glue gun but it was surprisingly difficult to make them straight.  I did try to make a line win pencil but the glue dried too fast if I didn’t get the ribbon on quick enough so I had to just put it where it landed on the box as best as possible.

I tried to keep with the glitter theme, but my fireworks look didn’t turn out that good.  I used too much white glue for the dots and they ran a little bit.

I had the deco tape whose name I can’t think of and put some of that on the box along with boarder ribbon.  I used gel pens to add some feather drawings.

Finally I made a flower out of ribbon and sewed the middle to hold it together and glued it on.  I had some stick on flowers I also added in.

So I think I’ve officially upgraded my nail box and everything fits perfectly!  While I’m not 100% happy with the outcome I think it’s good enough for another 17 years before I’ll have to do it again!

Monogrammed Mayhem

I’ve had these mini canvases sitting in my craft room for some time now and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them.  Today I finally thought it eould be cool to put my finances and mines initials on them in glitter!  Thank goodness for the Dollarstore.

First I picked my canvas colour and then I picked my font.  Once my font was picked I printed off the letters I wanted on a cardstock paper and cut them out:

Then I traced the letter where I wanted them on my canvas and filled it in with white glue:

Try not to make the glue too think as it takes longer to dry and will spread out further than you may want it to.  I then grabbed my jar of glitter and sprinkled it all over the glue:

I let it sit for a good 10 mins or so before picking the canvas up to knock the extra sprinkles off.  If you do it too soon then the glue will run more. Once I dusted the extra glitter off, I used a a-tip to wipe away stray glitter and help reshape anything that may have need it.

Now I have my amazing finished product!


Solar Power!

I finally got my craft room set up this past winter and its been nothing but great times in there!  I’m getting so many fun little projects done.  Reminds me of how thankful I am to finally have my own house and no longer line in a tiny apartment with all my belongings in a locker. Now I’v’e got my own little space which acts as both a book haven and craft room.  It’s the best of both worlds!


One of the fun projects I was working on at the beginning of the summer was I had some wall sconce candle holders that I didn’t know what to do with.  I did have them hanging on my wall in the dining room at one point but I never ended up putting candles in them.  So I hit up one of my favorite crafting places…. the dollar store!  I picked up a couple of those solar power lights for your garden and they fit almost perfectly into the candle holders.



They’re now hanging beautifully above one of my gardens on the fence.  They’re not that bright but they still add a cute little ambiance in the evenings.  All I needed was a hot glue gun.


I hung these at the beginning of the summer and they’re still going strong!