Monogrammed Mayhem

I’ve had these mini canvases sitting in my craft room for some time now and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them.  Today I finally thought it eould be cool to put my finances and mines initials on them in glitter!  Thank goodness for the Dollarstore.

First I picked my canvas colour and then I picked my font.  Once my font was picked I printed off the letters I wanted on a cardstock paper and cut them out:

Then I traced the letter where I wanted them on my canvas and filled it in with white glue:

Try not to make the glue too think as it takes longer to dry and will spread out further than you may want it to.  I then grabbed my jar of glitter and sprinkled it all over the glue:

I let it sit for a good 10 mins or so before picking the canvas up to knock the extra sprinkles off.  If you do it too soon then the glue will run more. Once I dusted the extra glitter off, I used a a-tip to wipe away stray glitter and help reshape anything that may have need it.

Now I have my amazing finished product!



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