Nail Polish Box Upgrade

So I’ve been told I need to upgrade my nail polish box that I made when I was 12 or 13.  The original box was an old baby shoe box from when my little brother was a baby…. He’s now 19!

So I bought a photo box and decided to bring my nail polish box out of the 90’s and upgrade it to the new millennium :). I used whatever decor I had in my craft junk box, which I will also have to give an upgrade to as well one day!

I had some ribbon and stick on letters so I made the top look like a present box.  I glued the ribbons on with a glue gun but it was surprisingly difficult to make them straight.  I did try to make a line win pencil but the glue dried too fast if I didn’t get the ribbon on quick enough so I had to just put it where it landed on the box as best as possible.

I tried to keep with the glitter theme, but my fireworks look didn’t turn out that good.  I used too much white glue for the dots and they ran a little bit.

I had the deco tape whose name I can’t think of and put some of that on the box along with boarder ribbon.  I used gel pens to add some feather drawings.

Finally I made a flower out of ribbon and sewed the middle to hold it together and glued it on.  I had some stick on flowers I also added in.

So I think I’ve officially upgraded my nail box and everything fits perfectly!  While I’m not 100% happy with the outcome I think it’s good enough for another 17 years before I’ll have to do it again!


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