Fall Wreaths

My mom is the one who showed me the reigns of wreath making.  We did mother/daughter Christmas and spring wreaths and I decided it was time to create fall ones.  My first chore was to go out and collect pine cones.  Now, I live in a city so my options are limited… However, there just so happens to be a yard that randomly has 3 extremely tall pines trees in its miniature front yard on the next street over.  I’ve always wondered who would think to plant these trees in such a small yard and always found it an eye sore.  This past weekend however… I was thankful for them!

I figured.. Why not go help a neighbour out and clean up all the pine cones off their front yard for them!  Now I thought it be best to keep it anonymous so, I decided a midnight trip was best.  My friend and I set out around midnight with a plastic bag and collected all the pine cones we could see in the dark.  We came back with our haul, went to bed to be all rested up for our morning of crafting.

I had already purchased the wreath ring and some other small supplies to use from the amazing dollar store.

So we got to work gluing all the pine cones to our rings. I found this works best if you put the glue right on the pine cone and then press down on the ring where you want it.  We glued all the pine cones down to both rings, then I did my best attempt at making bows with the mesh ribbon I had purchased.

This was a little more difficult than I anticipated as I found it was too wide for my wreaths but I tried to make it work. I also wrapped the mesh around the wreath to try and add more character.   I ended up changing the below design a little bit as I found it too overpowering on the wreath.

Once my flowers we’re cut I glued them on in a random patern on one wreath, the realized I didn’t have enough of the same flowers it mimick the other.  I have since gone back to purchase more flowers and will be gluing them on once I have a moment, but until then… Here’s my finished product!

I think it’s too soon to hang them, I want to hold onto every last minute of this summer, but I can’t wait till they’re up on my front doors!


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