Champagne please!

I got some cute little champagne glasses from the dollar store (obvi!).  These are the final addition to my bridesmaid boxes that I’m making.  I saw something really cute that someone made them into dresses with  skirt and wanted to try it.

So to start I drew the top of a dress on them. I left the stem plain as I was planning on putting the tule skirt on them.

No champagne glass dress would be complete without some sparkles!  So I added some decor on my dresses.  I’m hoping they don’t look too Christmassy now.  I attempted a skirt on one but it was too hard and I’m not that talented yet.

Okay it looked horrible.  I couldn’t figure out how to rescue it and I didn’t have the right material. So I painted all the stems to make it look like a slim dress.

So this is if the final product!  I’m not sure if there is specific paint for glass but if there is I would recommend using that instead of acrylic.  I found I was just peeling the bottom layer of paint up each time I added a new coat, even after letting it try.  Might add a little more glitter on them and then it’s time to celebrate!