Asking a bridesmaid

One of the most stressful things of getting married is asking your bridesmaids.  At least for me it seems to be.  While I’ve been stressing over, who to ask, when to ask and how to ask, I’ve been doing some creative crafting.  I’ve been working on these boxes for a couple months now, bit by bit.

First, I started with the hangers.  I got inspire at a wedding show when I saw someone making these and selling them.  I thought, I can do that!  So off to the Dollarstore and Michaels I went. I got the wooden hangers from the dollar store and the wire from michaels.

When I started I didn’t use any tools to help my shaping of the letters.  I think the gage of wire I used was either 18 or 20.  The hangers had a wooden piece across the middle, so I just broke that off and the holes were already there for the wire to go into.

I’m by no means a pro at this (yet), but I had fun doing it! As I got to the last couple ones I wanted to use, I started using a nail polish bottle to wrap the metal around for better loops. Then I just ensued my edges were long enough so I could centre the metal before gluing it into the holes. I’m thinking of writing my wedding date at the top of the hangers.  Thought?

I also picked up these photo boxes and ribbon from Michaels, along with the monogram letters.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I just thought everything I found randomly went together.


So I got to work with my little helper! He thought I bought 3 boxes for him and was determined to fit into one.  He also thought the ribbon was for him as well.  So I cut th thick ribbon into 3 equal parts and only had enough to do the lids of each box.

 Then I took the lace ribbon and made 3 bows to go on top.  I played with the monograms for awhile, trying to figure out where on the boxes I wanted to place them.  I knew I had to be very careful as they were sticky and I needed to place them straight the first time.

Got out my hot glue gun and here’s the finished box!  Then I just had to fill it up.  I’m not sure if I’m done yet, but this is what I have so far.

Each of them gets a piece of our Christmas tree trunk that I saved and cut into coaster sizes. I’ve inherited a wood burned which I’m still practicing with and carved each of their initials in it. These were orobi ally going to say ‘bridesmaid?’ But I couldn’t get it to look good. So I kept it simple and put their initial in it.  There’s Chapstick and bubbly, along with the painted champagne glasses I painted.

Lastly, I just wrote on cardstock, ‘Bridesmaid?’ With my date on it. Do you think it’s too simple?  Now it’s just a waiting game for the right time to ask each of them! Wish me luck!