Rustic old window frames And engagements

Another little project underway!  Picked up some old window frames online and left them sitting in my garage all summer waiting for me to do something with them.  Finally the last heat wave we had in the fall and our first signs of winter, I finally picked them up and stripped them down.

i had the perfect two weeks off and I went to town on projects around the house.  Thought for sure I would become stir crazy but that never happened, and I was enjoying myself and my projects so much, I didn’t want to go back to work.  (Unfortunately I did still)

It took me two days and to many hours to strip all th layers of paint off these bad boys.  It was so tedious, I was happy I only stripped paint on the one side.  I did get a bit of a sore throat from not using the right face mask.  So I continually lathered and scrapped the paint off these window frames.  I had to recall the back of these windows, and I cracked two of them when scraping the old caulking off.  I was a little upset about this as I did pay extra to have all windows in tact still, but I guess I’ve now added that extra rustic feel to them.


Once I stripped them, I repainted them with a rustic white I had.  I didn’t want to take the old paint off but it was chipping too much and I thought it might be lead.  Since I got my engagement photos back, I’ve nicely printed off a couple of my favs and put them in the frames.

 I bought these bad boys today and now I just need the fiancé to fix them to the frames and hang them on the wall.  With these taking up prime realty on my stairwell wall, I’m not sur where I will out my wedding photos one day!

I think I’m also going to hang the bat I carved our wedding date and initials into as well.  Not sure how or where to fit it in.  Can’t wait for my Save the Dates to get here any day!