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Happiness & Heartbreak

It has been a whirlwind of a month of good times and sad times.  I had a great getaway week with some of my best friends down south and got to lay back in the hot sun relaxing and having fun. There was 13 of us that went on a trip and we had a great time from beginning to end.  I was faced with a couple challenges along the way but made sure I didn’t let them get me down!

So we land in Dominican and as soon sis I walk off the plane, a gust of wind hits me and I get a rock in my eye! I have the most sensitive eyes, they tear up just from light. So I’m standing in line waiting to go through customs and both my eyes are watering so bad! I litterally look like I’m bawling my eyes out. Thankfully they didn’t stop me at customs.

So I head to the washroom once I make it through and try to wash my eye out… No success. So the bawling continues all the way to the resort. It is so painful I don’t want to blink or look in any direction as I can just feel it scratching my eyeball. Get to the resort and it’s the afternoon so we’re getting ready for an early dinner, still can’t cry this thing out of my eye. I also can’t see anything in my eye

So we head to dinner and I have to carry Kleenex around with me to continue dabbing the tears that won’t stop falling. I’m now exhausted and my eyes are burning from crying all afternoon. Make it through dinner and were all sitting in the lobby drinking afterwards. All of a sudden I blink and I don’t feel any pain! I blink and blink again and I feel nothing! Excitement overtakes me and I start waving my hands and tell everyone I have an announcement to make! I yell “my eyeball is free, it’s gone!” Sooo happy, even though I couldn’t wear makeup the next couple days as my eyelid is swollen, red and sore.

Rest of the trip was a great time, hit up the disco every night, did get a cold mid trip and also came home sick and lost my voice. Walked into the casino with $0 and walked out with $30, a hat and shirt. Had some great luck at the black jack table!

Then it was time for it all to end. Had to head home back to reality. So I come home, only to find out my baby girl (cat) was not doing to good. She slowly stopped eating over 3 days and I didn’t think she was going to make it through the night. I spent half the night laying on the floor with her, saying my goodbyes, crying and hoping she would peacefully go through the night. She finally left me to go elsewhere in the house so I went to bed.

I woke up in the morning and ransacked the house to find her and see if she was okay. She was hiding in a cold dark space in the basement. I brought her upstairs and tucked her in a blanket on the couch and had to leave for the day. I came straight home from work and found her laying in the cold dark basement again.

I spent the evening laying in bed with her and my other cat. We snuggled the whole evening until she moved to the floor and I moved down with her. I was praying she would go peacefully but it didn’t seem to be in the plan. She was very docile the whole time, until something went wrong. We then had to rush her to the emergency vet and they gave her a pain killer and relaxant. They thought she would relax and go naturally, but she was holding on. I think she was scared and wanted to fight.

Finally the vet came in and said we should probably euthanize her. My heart just broke harder because it was now real… She was officially going to leave me for good. 11 wonderful years, I rescued her from being putdown back then, saved her from whatever abusive place she was left behind from and helped her to love and trust humans again.

I am heartbroken she’s now gone. It’s always one of the hardest things in life to face. I cried so much for the next couple days, felt like I was in a big slump. Didn’t want to get out of bed… But now we have to keep moving on.

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Bottle opener plaques

I inherited a bunch of old bottle openers that used to be installed in out hotel rooms where I work.  They’re the little metal ones you screw into the wall.  I wanted to make some gifts for Christmas for my finances brothers for when they have their own man caves.  So I headed out to Michele’s and found some small wooden plaques for $5 each.  

So I will admit that the wood I chose wasn’t strong enough.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to reinforce the plaques but I wanted to proceed with the project and figure the rest out later.  As I was making these for specific people I thought I would keep it simple and just put their initials on each of their plaques.  So I picked my colours and traced each of their initials out and got to painting.

I had some old wood left over in my garage so I had my fiancé cut me a couple and I used them to reinforce the plaques.  I painted the backs black as well but I didn’t bother with the wood finish.  I only put wood finish on the front of the plaques.  I used wood glue to stick the pieces of wood together as I knew once I screwed the bottle openers on it would also help with the reinforcement.

Then I drilled screw holes into the plaques and ensured they didn’t go through the letters in the front of the plaques.  As the bottle openers were extremely rusty, I did buy spray paint to paint them chrome and hide the rustiness.  The bottle openers look like new!


Tada! My gifts are complete! New I just need to come up with the perfect idea for my own bottle opener design!

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Asking a bridesmaid

One of the most stressful things of getting married is asking your bridesmaids.  At least for me it seems to be.  While I’ve been stressing over, who to ask, when to ask and how to ask, I’ve been doing some creative crafting.  I’ve been working on these boxes for a couple months now, bit by bit.

First, I started with the hangers.  I got inspire at a wedding show when I saw someone making these and selling them.  I thought, I can do that!  So off to the Dollarstore and Michaels I went. I got the wooden hangers from the dollar store and the wire from michaels.

When I started I didn’t use any tools to help my shaping of the letters.  I think the gage of wire I used was either 18 or 20.  The hangers had a wooden piece across the middle, so I just broke that off and the holes were already there for the wire to go into.

I’m by no means a pro at this (yet), but I had fun doing it! As I got to the last couple ones I wanted to use, I started using a nail polish bottle to wrap the metal around for better loops. Then I just ensued my edges were long enough so I could centre the metal before gluing it into the holes. I’m thinking of writing my wedding date at the top of the hangers.  Thought?

I also picked up these photo boxes and ribbon from Michaels, along with the monogram letters.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I just thought everything I found randomly went together.


So I got to work with my little helper! He thought I bought 3 boxes for him and was determined to fit into one.  He also thought the ribbon was for him as well.  So I cut th thick ribbon into 3 equal parts and only had enough to do the lids of each box.

 Then I took the lace ribbon and made 3 bows to go on top.  I played with the monograms for awhile, trying to figure out where on the boxes I wanted to place them.  I knew I had to be very careful as they were sticky and I needed to place them straight the first time.

Got out my hot glue gun and here’s the finished box!  Then I just had to fill it up.  I’m not sure if I’m done yet, but this is what I have so far.

Each of them gets a piece of our Christmas tree trunk that I saved and cut into coaster sizes. I’ve inherited a wood burned which I’m still practicing with and carved each of their initials in it. These were orobi ally going to say ‘bridesmaid?’ But I couldn’t get it to look good. So I kept it simple and put their initial in it.  There’s Chapstick and bubbly, along with the painted champagne glasses I painted.

Lastly, I just wrote on cardstock, ‘Bridesmaid?’ With my date on it. Do you think it’s too simple?  Now it’s just a waiting game for the right time to ask each of them! Wish me luck!

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Solar Power!

I finally got my craft room set up this past winter and its been nothing but great times in there!  I’m getting so many fun little projects done.  Reminds me of how thankful I am to finally have my own house and no longer line in a tiny apartment with all my belongings in a locker. Now I’v’e got my own little space which acts as both a book haven and craft room.  It’s the best of both worlds!


One of the fun projects I was working on at the beginning of the summer was I had some wall sconce candle holders that I didn’t know what to do with.  I did have them hanging on my wall in the dining room at one point but I never ended up putting candles in them.  So I hit up one of my favorite crafting places…. the dollar store!  I picked up a couple of those solar power lights for your garden and they fit almost perfectly into the candle holders.



They’re now hanging beautifully above one of my gardens on the fence.  They’re not that bright but they still add a cute little ambiance in the evenings.  All I needed was a hot glue gun.


I hung these at the beginning of the summer and they’re still going strong!


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Making the most of it

I just returned back from a week long vacation in PEI.  I went on a road trip with my sister and her two kids to PEI to visit her husbands family and saw some pretty exciting things.  I spent the week sleep deprived and zombie like due to my nephew suffering from severe allergies and sleeping in our bed, too many people in one house with one bathroom being stuck sleeping on an older mattress but my goal was to always make the best of it! 

As pretty as PEI is, the weather was on the chilly side.  We brought our bikes down and my sister and I went for rides as often as possible.  We took all the kids to see the ocean one day and toured a light house.  That was pretty awesome as I’ve never been in a lighthouse before and always wanted to as my grandfather was a lighthouse keeper and my father grew up in one.  

While we were in town I also got to see the Stanley Cup!  Brad Richards brought the cup to a small town near by and we took a trip down to see the Stanley cup parade! As quick as it was it was super exciting! We got there two hours early and waited around for the cup to quickly parade past us! While we waited there was a guy with a jet pack on his back in the water flying around, it was pretty cool to see and then he totally wiped out and flopped like a fish in a random fishing boat that was docked near by.  Finally I could hear the bag pipes play and I got all excited that the parade was coming! A fire truck rolled through, followed by the bag pipe band, and then a big fishing boat that was being towed! There is was… Shiny and tall with Brad Richards standing beside it waving to the crowds!  A couple thousand people came out to support him and see the cup and with lots of cheering, he lifts it above his head and the crowd goes wild! It was exciting and emotional and I’m so happy I got to see it!

Just like that, it was all over and time to pile back into the car and head back home for a long needed nap! Over the next couple of days we spent time with family and took the kids to the movies as the weather wasn’t cooperating and you can only spend so much time in doors with the same people.  Finally the trip was coming to and end and on our last night we were heading to the race track to see the horses race! The family had two of their horses racing that night, Luke’s Cowboy and Rosewood.  We let the kids each bet in a horse and I’m happy to say Luke’s Cowboy came second and Rosewood placed 3rd!

Forgot to mention my most favourite part… The liquor store! My sister and I go to the liquor store to stock up on wine for the week and what do I notice.. A CLEARANCE section! Amazing! I’ve never laughed so hard, for those who know me, know how much I love my red wine! We don’t have clearance sections in the LCBO and our sales are $1 off so the clearance section made my day!

Finally it was time for the dreaded 16hr car ride home.  We drove straight through on our way there but on the way home we decided to stop overnight in Quebec City.  I found this cool Loct for rent for the evening and it was a full two bedroom apartment with laundry,  kitchen and right in old Quebec! Wish we were staying there longer as it would have been more worth it.  We didn’t get to torn too much of Quebec either as it was rainy and by this point we just wanted to go home.  We still had another 8 hours in the car.  

Finally I made it home safely on Friday evening to enjoy the long weekend with my well missed fiancé and kitties. Spent some time doing yard work around the house and catching up with friends and family.  It was a great first ever summer vacation and I’m glad I did it!  


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Team Canada for the Win!

Over the next couple weeks the Pan Am games are happening in Toronto and GTA.  All I’ve been thinking about is how it’s such an inconvenience with the HOV lanes, crazy traffic and lack of parking options on city streets.   Now I know why the people are never happen when a big event happens in their hometown.  The people from that city are the ones who suffer and are disadvantaged during these times.  I’ve been thinking all these negative things about the Pan Am games and had no desire to attend any events.

Then I thought about it more… When am I going to have an opportunity like this again?  I don’t think I will and I would love to get out there and cheer on my country.  There’s an event happening 20 mins from my house, which also happens to be my favorite sport… BASEBALL!  So we bought some tickets which were super cheap and had an evening out cheering on Canada while they played our biggest rival USA.

The other thing I will say about the Pan Am games in that the advertising wasn’t very good.  I posted this picture on my Facebook and someone else from my area asked where this was happening.  They had no idea there were events out our way.  I think Toronto failed on promoting the events which has in turn caused ticket sales to be super low.  It’s unfortunate, but enough about the negatives!

Team Canada played amazing and was able to take home the win in extra innings!  I’m glad I took them time to go cheer them on!

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Reconnecting with my inner self

All through College I always looked forward to getting home so I could write my next blog about how my day went.  I loved the anonymity of blogging and knowing that I could get everything off my chest without worrying about who was going to hear/read about it.  Today I’m starting a new blog, in hopes to reconnect with that carefree person from the past and help in defining who I am in the future.

This year I am turning 30.  It doesn’t feel real to me.  I remember thinking about how 30 seemed old and it was such a scary number.  Dirty 30’s.  I look at myself now and I don’t feel old.  I feel like I’m too young and still immature to be turning 30. I don’t feel like I have my life together enough for being a 30 year old but I’m not sure why those feelings exist.

I’ve been working at the same company for the past 9 years in a fairly successful position.  I recently got engaged and we purchased our first home together.  He also has a fairly successful job.  Each day I sit here and think, what do I want to be when I grow up?  I am grown up and I have no clues on where life is taking me next.  I don’t know what I want to do.  I randomly landed this job straight out of college and I sometimes feel like it’s time to move on to the next best thing, but I have no idea what that thing is.

I’m hoping by starting this blog, I will find some inspiration in my life for what I want in the future.

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life.