Femme Fatal Fantasy Football

So the ladies and I decided to start a ladies fantasy football league.  This is our second successful year and we’ve even expanded the league. Even though I don’t watch or follow football I’m having fun learning and trying to get into it.  As many of us are learning and we’ve created this league to bring us together more, our commissioner created some amazing instructions on how a fantasy league works.  As she did such an amazing job, I thought they should be shared with other ladies looking to do the same  don’t need to know football to join a league and fantasy leagues aren’t just for boys!

Fantasy Football

As we are in year two, we’ve decided it’s time to give our league a name and create a trophy for the winner.  It’s not official yet but I think so far we’ve decided on Femme Fatal Fantasy.  Something along those lines.  So being the crafty one that I tend to be sometimes I volunteered to make us a trophy.  As you may learn, I tend to enjoy the odd bottle of wine or champagne.  And with every bottle I open, I keep the corks.  I am always finding corks every time I dig through any of my purses.

So I set out to trying to design a trophy that represents the league, has a girly feel, and encompasses football.  I headed off to Walmart because I knew I needed a nerf football, what  I was going to do with it, I wasn’t sure yet.  So I found my football, perfect size and all.  Colours were not my style so I had to pick up some spray paint.  I decided on black because I wanted to bejewel the thing and I thought the jewels would pop better on black.

Next we had to hit up the dollar store to get some bejewling items and any other possible inspiration. So I get home and I start looking around my house and in my craft supply box to see what I can use.  I have a wine decanter collecting dust on my shelf (the wine doesn’t last long enough to decant) and I think, this could be the perfect stand for my football.

In my craft room I have one slab of wood left from my wedding centre pieces.   Very rustic and cute and I decide this is the perfect base for the trophy.  Sooo now I have a million corks hanging around because I have all these grand crafting plans.  So I fill the decanter up with corks.

I decided to use the jewels to look like laces on the football.  Somehow I got lucky and had the perfect amount available. 

Glued my decanter to the slab of wood, added some jewels to the decanter and cut a circle in my football, added some glue and glued it to the top of the decanter.

I added more jewels around the top because you really can’t have too many, can you?  I also felt like you couldn’t have too many corks on display either.  Popping bottles is a full time job in my world so there’s never a shortage.

I used a different wine cork for each part of the outter area and made sure all the names were facing outwards.  I glued the corks around the entire perimeter of the decanter and added a bow to tie it all together.  And when I was done, this was my final product:

I hope this post has been helpful for anyone looking to participate in a ladies fantasy league and wish me luck in winning mine so the trophy can be displayed in my own home.  It’s too pretty I don’t want to have to part with it ❤️😊


Bottle opener plaques

I inherited a bunch of old bottle openers that used to be installed in out hotel rooms where I work.  They’re the little metal ones you screw into the wall.  I wanted to make some gifts for Christmas for my finances brothers for when they have their own man caves.  So I headed out to Michele’s and found some small wooden plaques for $5 each.  

So I will admit that the wood I chose wasn’t strong enough.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to reinforce the plaques but I wanted to proceed with the project and figure the rest out later.  As I was making these for specific people I thought I would keep it simple and just put their initials on each of their plaques.  So I picked my colours and traced each of their initials out and got to painting.

I had some old wood left over in my garage so I had my fiancé cut me a couple and I used them to reinforce the plaques.  I painted the backs black as well but I didn’t bother with the wood finish.  I only put wood finish on the front of the plaques.  I used wood glue to stick the pieces of wood together as I knew once I screwed the bottle openers on it would also help with the reinforcement.

Then I drilled screw holes into the plaques and ensured they didn’t go through the letters in the front of the plaques.  As the bottle openers were extremely rusty, I did buy spray paint to paint them chrome and hide the rustiness.  The bottle openers look like new!


Tada! My gifts are complete! New I just need to come up with the perfect idea for my own bottle opener design!

Rustic old window frames And engagements

Another little project underway!  Picked up some old window frames online and left them sitting in my garage all summer waiting for me to do something with them.  Finally the last heat wave we had in the fall and our first signs of winter, I finally picked them up and stripped them down.

i had the perfect two weeks off and I went to town on projects around the house.  Thought for sure I would become stir crazy but that never happened, and I was enjoying myself and my projects so much, I didn’t want to go back to work.  (Unfortunately I did still)

It took me two days and to many hours to strip all th layers of paint off these bad boys.  It was so tedious, I was happy I only stripped paint on the one side.  I did get a bit of a sore throat from not using the right face mask.  So I continually lathered and scrapped the paint off these window frames.  I had to recall the back of these windows, and I cracked two of them when scraping the old caulking off.  I was a little upset about this as I did pay extra to have all windows in tact still, but I guess I’ve now added that extra rustic feel to them.


Once I stripped them, I repainted them with a rustic white I had.  I didn’t want to take the old paint off but it was chipping too much and I thought it might be lead.  Since I got my engagement photos back, I’ve nicely printed off a couple of my favs and put them in the frames.

 I bought these bad boys today and now I just need the fiancé to fix them to the frames and hang them on the wall.  With these taking up prime realty on my stairwell wall, I’m not sur where I will out my wedding photos one day!

I think I’m also going to hang the bat I carved our wedding date and initials into as well.  Not sure how or where to fit it in.  Can’t wait for my Save the Dates to get here any day!

Asking a bridesmaid

One of the most stressful things of getting married is asking your bridesmaids.  At least for me it seems to be.  While I’ve been stressing over, who to ask, when to ask and how to ask, I’ve been doing some creative crafting.  I’ve been working on these boxes for a couple months now, bit by bit.

First, I started with the hangers.  I got inspire at a wedding show when I saw someone making these and selling them.  I thought, I can do that!  So off to the Dollarstore and Michaels I went. I got the wooden hangers from the dollar store and the wire from michaels.

When I started I didn’t use any tools to help my shaping of the letters.  I think the gage of wire I used was either 18 or 20.  The hangers had a wooden piece across the middle, so I just broke that off and the holes were already there for the wire to go into.

I’m by no means a pro at this (yet), but I had fun doing it! As I got to the last couple ones I wanted to use, I started using a nail polish bottle to wrap the metal around for better loops. Then I just ensued my edges were long enough so I could centre the metal before gluing it into the holes. I’m thinking of writing my wedding date at the top of the hangers.  Thought?

I also picked up these photo boxes and ribbon from Michaels, along with the monogram letters.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I just thought everything I found randomly went together.


So I got to work with my little helper! He thought I bought 3 boxes for him and was determined to fit into one.  He also thought the ribbon was for him as well.  So I cut th thick ribbon into 3 equal parts and only had enough to do the lids of each box.

 Then I took the lace ribbon and made 3 bows to go on top.  I played with the monograms for awhile, trying to figure out where on the boxes I wanted to place them.  I knew I had to be very careful as they were sticky and I needed to place them straight the first time.

Got out my hot glue gun and here’s the finished box!  Then I just had to fill it up.  I’m not sure if I’m done yet, but this is what I have so far.

Each of them gets a piece of our Christmas tree trunk that I saved and cut into coaster sizes. I’ve inherited a wood burned which I’m still practicing with and carved each of their initials in it. These were orobi ally going to say ‘bridesmaid?’ But I couldn’t get it to look good. So I kept it simple and put their initial in it.  There’s Chapstick and bubbly, along with the painted champagne glasses I painted.

Lastly, I just wrote on cardstock, ‘Bridesmaid?’ With my date on it. Do you think it’s too simple?  Now it’s just a waiting game for the right time to ask each of them! Wish me luck!

Champagne please!

I got some cute little champagne glasses from the dollar store (obvi!).  These are the final addition to my bridesmaid boxes that I’m making.  I saw something really cute that someone made them into dresses with  skirt and wanted to try it.

So to start I drew the top of a dress on them. I left the stem plain as I was planning on putting the tule skirt on them.

No champagne glass dress would be complete without some sparkles!  So I added some decor on my dresses.  I’m hoping they don’t look too Christmassy now.  I attempted a skirt on one but it was too hard and I’m not that talented yet.

Okay it looked horrible.  I couldn’t figure out how to rescue it and I didn’t have the right material. So I painted all the stems to make it look like a slim dress.

So this is if the final product!  I’m not sure if there is specific paint for glass but if there is I would recommend using that instead of acrylic.  I found I was just peeling the bottom layer of paint up each time I added a new coat, even after letting it try.  Might add a little more glitter on them and then it’s time to celebrate!

Fall Wreaths

My mom is the one who showed me the reigns of wreath making.  We did mother/daughter Christmas and spring wreaths and I decided it was time to create fall ones.  My first chore was to go out and collect pine cones.  Now, I live in a city so my options are limited… However, there just so happens to be a yard that randomly has 3 extremely tall pines trees in its miniature front yard on the next street over.  I’ve always wondered who would think to plant these trees in such a small yard and always found it an eye sore.  This past weekend however… I was thankful for them!

I figured.. Why not go help a neighbour out and clean up all the pine cones off their front yard for them!  Now I thought it be best to keep it anonymous so, I decided a midnight trip was best.  My friend and I set out around midnight with a plastic bag and collected all the pine cones we could see in the dark.  We came back with our haul, went to bed to be all rested up for our morning of crafting.

I had already purchased the wreath ring and some other small supplies to use from the amazing dollar store.

So we got to work gluing all the pine cones to our rings. I found this works best if you put the glue right on the pine cone and then press down on the ring where you want it.  We glued all the pine cones down to both rings, then I did my best attempt at making bows with the mesh ribbon I had purchased.

This was a little more difficult than I anticipated as I found it was too wide for my wreaths but I tried to make it work. I also wrapped the mesh around the wreath to try and add more character.   I ended up changing the below design a little bit as I found it too overpowering on the wreath.

Once my flowers we’re cut I glued them on in a random patern on one wreath, the realized I didn’t have enough of the same flowers it mimick the other.  I have since gone back to purchase more flowers and will be gluing them on once I have a moment, but until then… Here’s my finished product!

I think it’s too soon to hang them, I want to hold onto every last minute of this summer, but I can’t wait till they’re up on my front doors!

Nail Polish Box Upgrade

So I’ve been told I need to upgrade my nail polish box that I made when I was 12 or 13.  The original box was an old baby shoe box from when my little brother was a baby…. He’s now 19!

So I bought a photo box and decided to bring my nail polish box out of the 90’s and upgrade it to the new millennium :). I used whatever decor I had in my craft junk box, which I will also have to give an upgrade to as well one day!

I had some ribbon and stick on letters so I made the top look like a present box.  I glued the ribbons on with a glue gun but it was surprisingly difficult to make them straight.  I did try to make a line win pencil but the glue dried too fast if I didn’t get the ribbon on quick enough so I had to just put it where it landed on the box as best as possible.

I tried to keep with the glitter theme, but my fireworks look didn’t turn out that good.  I used too much white glue for the dots and they ran a little bit.

I had the deco tape whose name I can’t think of and put some of that on the box along with boarder ribbon.  I used gel pens to add some feather drawings.

Finally I made a flower out of ribbon and sewed the middle to hold it together and glued it on.  I had some stick on flowers I also added in.

So I think I’ve officially upgraded my nail box and everything fits perfectly!  While I’m not 100% happy with the outcome I think it’s good enough for another 17 years before I’ll have to do it again!